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Wrapped Jadeite pear pendant necklace

Wrapped Jadeite pear pendant necklace

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Our signature and best selling jadeite gemstones have been used in their simplest form in these pendants, wrapped with silver plated wire necklace and hanging on an 18 inch sterling silver chain. A follow up to our beautiful larger single pear pendants which are now of very limited stock. 

Jadeite is rarer than jade and considered more luxurious, valuable and precious than jade. It is believed to possess health strengthening abilities and can improve longevity and is said to protect the wearer and absorb negative energy. It is also thought to help those to recover from loss or separation and is a stone of harmony. When you buy a piece of jadeite jewellery you are buying a forever piece and something truly luxurious that can be passed from generation to generation. A piece of jadeite jewellery makes a very special gift particularly for milestone occasions. Furthermore the jadeite mine in Burma suffered a landslide several years ago and is no longer being mined making each acquisition of this gemstone a valuable investment . 

The approximate diameter of the jadeite pear drop is 18mm  x 2.5 mm. The total length of the pendant drop from the chain (including the bail) is approximately 3cms.

 Other jadeite items are available on our jadeite page.

Materials: sterling silver (925) jadeite and silver plated wire.

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