Storage & Care

To protect and preserve the longevity and appearance of your Grace & Coco Rocks jewellery and to keep it looking pristine please be aware of the following:


Your jewellery should be stored in the original Grace & Coco Rocks packaging (or a tarnish resistant pouch or airtight zip lock bag made of polyethylene), away from natural sunlight and heat, to avoid damage. Being placed with other items or jewellery can scratch and damage the piece as well as cause tangling of its more delicate elements.

Do not store your jewellery in the bathroom.


Your jewellery should be handled with love and care at all times.

We strongly advise you not to wear your jewellery whilst swimming, bathing, showering, whilst in bed, in a hot tub,  or during sporting or household activities.

Your jewellery should never be exposed to hairspray, body creams or oils, lotions, make up, perfume, household chemicals, UV light, ammonia, bleach or chlorine as this can cause discolouration and such items in particular can cause the plating on plated jewellery to erode or become dulled. This is not a manufacturing fault. Plated jewellery can be gently cleaned using specialist wipes for plated jewellery but plating will not last forever.

Sterling silver will naturally tarnish over time and this is not a manufacturing fault. We recommend using a suitable sterling silver polishing cloth on sterling silver pieces regularly to prevent the natural process of tarnishing.

We recommend carefully wiping your jewellery with a soft lint-free cloth after wearing to remove any oil and salts. Clean your jewellery using lukewarm soapy water and a soft brush to remove any dirt or particles but ensure that your jewellery is never submerged.  

Gemstones and crystals are subject to scratching, chipping and fracture so please please treat them delicately. To clean gemstones and crystals wipe them with a soft moist cloth (except for pearls, and organic gems such as coral or amber which are porous and only a dry cloth must be used).

Handbeaded items will require particular care when handling as each tiny bead is sewn by hand.