Collection: Bridal

We believe that the key to creating a timeless elegant look on your wedding day is to wear simple yet stunning jewellery to compliment but not overtake your outfit.

As every one of our creations is handmade no two pieces can ever be the same, and the jewellery you wear will therefore be unique, perhaps even designed by us as a commission for you personally.

We have so many different pieces to choose from some of which are so unusual that we believe they will not be seen or available anywhere else. Whether you choose cubic zirconia to replicate the sparkle of diamonds, or the brilliance of Swarowski elements crystals or a piece of jadeite for its stunning pale colour which suits every skin tone you will be buying a piece made from sterling silver which will last forever and not just for one day...

Wearing a piece of Jadeite is also a popular choice with brides who want to remember a loved one who is no longer with them or who is separated by location or illness. 

Our blue lace agate pieces are also perfect for that "something blue".

And don't forget that any of our pieces would make lovely presents for the bridal party including of course the mother of the bride. 

We offer a free 20 minute telephone design consultation should you wish to commission us to make something for your big day. We would be delighted to chat to you at a time that is convenient and discuss all of your requirements in detail. Please refer to the Contact Us page for details of how to get in touch.