Collection: Rainbow

The rainbow has many meanings:-.

It has become symbolic of positivity, hope, pride and new beginnings.

It is symbolic of gay pride.

It has also come to symbolise the Rainbow Bridge. Jewellery from this collection would therefore make a lovely gift for someone if they have lost a pet to symbolise that their much loved pet has gone over the rainbow to the Rainbow Bridge where they will wait for their owner, happy and pain free, ready to pass into Heaven together once their owner joins them. 

The rainbow has been particularly relevant during the Covid pandemic used as the symbol of the NHS and frontline workers. Our rainbow collection has become particularly popular as a way of reaching out to someone such as :

to say thank you to someone who may have been particularly important to you or your family during the pandemic, a medic friend or family member who has been having a tough time.

to send to someone who needs a little boost of colour and happiness during a difficult period in their lives or during the pandemic.

or as a beautiful keepsake of the Covid pandemic for you or any other female who is special to you of the Covid pandemic and how much we have missed each other.