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Sterling silver turquoise leaf ring

Sterling silver turquoise leaf ring

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This stunning genuine "Sleeping Beauty" turquoise ring is set in sterling silver and created in the shape of  leaves which are beautiful turquoise cabochons of approximately 21mm x 16mm. Because the leaves wrap around the finger in two parts, these parts can be gently opened and is therefore fully adjustable to any size. 

There are many versions of “turquoise” on the market. In some cases it is reconstituted (not real) turquoise and in other cases it is merely the colour turquoise that is being referred to. However there  is nothing quite like the beauty of a real turquoise gemstone.

The turquoise in this piece is referred to as "Sleeping Beauty" as the mine from which it comes in the United States sits below a mountain range which resembles the shape of a sleeping woman with her arms crossed. 

Turquoise is believed to stabilise mood swings and instil inner calm. It is supposed to be excellent for depression and exhaustion and is said to have the power to prevent panic attacks, promote self realisation and assist with creative problem solving. 

Materials: genuine sleeping beauty turquoise, sterling silver. 

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