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Satellite bracelets

Satellite bracelets

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These beautiful 8mm and 10mm "satellite" shaped faceted gemstones are set with either silver or gold plated beads to create a stunning stretch bracelet that can be worn on its own or as a stack.

Available in either jewel coloured Tiger's eye (navy, emerald, brown and fuschia) or stunning Amazonite these bracelets are stunning in their simplicity. this bracelet is reminiscent of the opulence of jewels and sumptuous fabrics.

Tiger's eye  is said to carry a powerful, strong vibration that helps one to stay grounded even during times of stress or trouble. It is also thought to protect the wearer when driving and to keep the wearer concentrating when driving. The jewel colours of the Tiger's eye used in this bracelet are reminiscent of opulent jewels and sumptuous fabrics.

Amazonite is said to help the wearer speak the truth and soothe the nervous system and is believed to help with achieving overall success. Its stunning pale blue/green colour evokes the green waters andlush  jungles of the Amazon rainforest after which it was named.

The bracelet is made using strong jewellers elastic. These stretch bracelets come in one size.

Materials: satellite faceted tiger's eye /amazonite gemstones, gold or silver plated beads, strong jeweller’s elastic. 

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