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The Amulet

The Amulet

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We have always sincerely believed in the power of gemstones. Every gemstone is said to have its own special properties and it is said that different gemstones can afford the wearer protection and coping mechanisms against certain things, as well as having certain physical and mental benefits. Of course we cannot guarantee that wearing jewellery with gemstones in it will indeed afford the wearer these properties but we sincerely hope that they do.

We have decided to call this bracelet our Amulet. An amulet is intended to be a good luck talisman and has been referred to as such throughout the ages. The word  takes its name from the Latin “amuletum” which means “an object that protects the wearer from trouble”.  

Made in sterling silver we believe this piece will quietly become a forever everyday piece of jewellery that (if the wearer believes in the power of gemstones), will help get them through life’s obstacles. 

Choose from the Life Amulet or the Teen amulet. The bracelets comprise a sterling silver flat link chain with clasp. 

Our teen amulet can be given at any time before the start of teens. The Life Amulet comes fully completed with all the stones below.

The bracelet starts with a black obsidian -said to be the best all round protective stone.

The order of gems given in the teen amulet is as follows: 

On her 13th birthday rose quartz (pink) is added. This is said to promote self love, and to keep the female reproductive system, including hormones, in good order.  

At 14 Amazonite (pale blue/green) will be added. Amazonite is said to help the wearer speak the truth and sooth the nervous system and is believed to help with achieving overall success. This could really aid with teenage angst.

On her 15th birthday you add blue green variscite . Variscite is said to bring peace and harmony to the heart and aids stress and anxiety by helping the nervous system. Ideal in the run up to a big exam year. 

On her 16th birthday you will add Amethyst (purple) said to be protective, healing and purifying. It is believed to rid the mind of negative thought and is thought to make the wearer humble, sincere  and wise. It is also said to promote sobriety! Just at the right time as teens may start to seriously explore alcohol. 

On her 17th birthday you will add Tiger’s eye (brown). This is said to protect the wearer when driving and to keep the wearer concentrating when driving. Perfect for learning to drive. 

On her 18th bday you will add clear crackled quartz which is said to aid concentration unlock memory, stimulate the immune system and bring the body into balance. Perfect for exam time and preparing for life after leaving school.

On her 19th birthday you will add Carnelian (orange) which is said to be a stabilising stone that restores vitality and motivation and is thought to give courage and promote positive life choices. Perfect for finding ones way in a career and for possibly living away from home.  

After the 19th birthday the teen amulet is complete and then becomes the Life Amulet. 

Each stone to be added in the future comes in an individual organza bag with  a sterling silver lobster claw clasp attached  making it easy for the wearer to simply clip it to the bracelet herself. Each bag comes with a card explaining the properties of each gem with the relevant year it is to be attached. All of the additional stones and bags will come in one (additional) separate box to be kept safely by the giver of the present until the relevant time each year.

A beautiful gift for a parent to give a daughter or a close member of the family (such as godparent or grandparent) to give to the teenage wearer.

The teen amulet can be given at any year of the teens. Just tell us how old the wearer is and we can simply add the stones from the teen years already reached. 

The Life Amulet comes as one piece with all stones already attached and is perfect for anyone of a slightly less tender age than a teenager. Perfect for milestone occasion birthdays too. 

Available in rose gold, silver and gold.

Total length 7.5 inches . Can be worn as small as necessary by securing the clasp on any of the links to fit wrist. 

Materials: sterling silver and gemstones. 


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