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Mini rainbow earrings

Mini rainbow earrings

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These gorgeous earrings feature a miniature rainbow made of rainbow coloured cubic zirconia set in sterling silver.

The rainbow has become symbolic of positivity, hope, pride and new beginnings particularly during the Covid 2020 pandemic. A lovely gift to say thank you to someone who may have been particularly important to you or your family during the pandemic, a medic friend or family member who has been having a tough time,  or just to send to someone who needs a little boost of colour and happiness during a difficult period. Alternatively and just as importantly, a special keepsake for you. 

The earring hooks are sterling silver. 

These earrings match beautifully with our  large rainbow pendant necklace, our mini rainbow necklaces, and our links mini rainbow bracelet

Materials : sterling silver (or sterling silver plated with gold or rose gold), cubic zirconia. 

Approximate dimensions of each earring from the earring hook : 12mm by 7mm. 

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