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Neon apatite bracelet

Neon apatite bracelet

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These stunning 6mm neon apatite gemstones are set off beautifully with silver plated beads.  

Apatite is said to have many healing properties. It can be used as a fast-acting emotional reboot any time you’re feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities and looming deadlines. Turn to this stone for a moment of tranquility when you feel that stress is interfering with your productivity or happiness. It will firmly ground you as it draws out negativity and tension while slowing down racing thoughts. Not only will Apatite help you to feel centered and calm, it will also inspire feelings of creativity and determination to assist you in completing all necessary work to your greatest ability.

Created using strong jewellers elastic these stretch bracelets come in one size.

Materials:  silver plated onto mixed metals, neon apatite.

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