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Mother of pearl star bracelets

Mother of pearl star bracelets

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These stunning stretch bracelets are designed using the most gorgeous mother of pearl stars set with silver or gold plated beads, in a variety of designs. Featuring a mix of large stars at approximately 12mm diameter and smaller stars at approximately 10mm diameter these bracelets are made on strong jeweller’s elastic in a one size fits all 7 inch size. 

Mother of pearl is the name given to the inner lining of the shell that houses the mollusc that produces the pearl. It is said to be to attract wealth and generate a better income for whoever wears the stone and also symbolises good luck and prosperity.
Please choose between all gold mix, or the gold and silver mix and we will design the bracelet in one of the designs shown according to availability.
Materials: mother of pearl stars, silver or gold plated beads. 
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