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Moonstone pear drop pendant

Moonstone pear drop pendant

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These stunning faceted moonstone pendants need no embellishments because the gemstones make a statement all by themselves. Moonstone has the most incredible reflection ("chatoyancy") with flashes of silvers, blues, pinks and lilacs within the stone itself thought in ancient times to be the stone that held the moon within, hence its name. It has been used in jewellery for thousands of years as it was believed to afford a strong connection to the moon itself.

The moonstone we use gives you a choice of different sized pendants and the pendant comes on an 18 inch sterling silver (925) chain although please note that the chain may vary from that shown.  Matching earrings are available. 

Moonstone is said to be a stone of new beginnings perfect for aiding inner strength. It is said to stabilise emotions and provide calmness when stressed. It is also thought to promote inspiration success and good fortune in business matters. 

Materials: moonstone, sterling silver (925) chain, silver plated jewellery wire. 

Approximate measurements: 

large drop - 

medium drop-18mm x16mm

small drop- 15mm x11mm


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