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Mini hoops with Sakota emerald drops

Mini hoops with Sakota emerald drops

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These stunning mini hoop sterling silver (or sterling silver gold plated) hoops feature removable Sakota emerald drops encased in sterling silver (or sterling silver gold plate).

Choose from perfectly round or Art Deco style pentagonal shaped hoops. The earrings can be worn alone or with the emerald drops giving two fantastically versatile looks. 

Sakota emeralds come from the Sakota mine in Bahia, Brazil and their colour evokes beautiful soothing lush green forests. Emeralds are the birthstone of May and have had the reputation as a rejuvenating gemstone for many centuries as it is thought to assist one in having a better memory and a more optimistic attitude as well as being extremely beneficial in matters of the heart and love.

Materials: sterling silver/ sterling silver with gold plating, Sakota emeralds.

Hoop diameter is approximately 17mm and the charms are approximately 20mm long.

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