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Meterorite bracelet

Meterorite bracelet

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These stunning silver metallic coated druzy quartz gemstones sparkle with beauty and are teamed with Eagle eye and silver plated sead beads for a beautiful organic gemstone stretch bracelet.  

When one wears the druzy gemstone, it is said one will experience light, joy, creativity, and relaxation. 

The Eagle Eye is a rare version of Tiger’s eye.  It glows silky when polished. It is thought to provide a relaxing effect in case of nervous system impairment and is a great emotional balancer. Usually found in iron-rich environments Eagle Eye stones managed to stay untouched by iron, keeping their grey colour instead of turning into brown tiger eye stone. It symbolises eagle's eye and has properties of giving the sense of self-confidence to its owner. It is thought to enable the wearer to have keen eyes that can see through the essence of things. It is thought  to help improve understanding and analytical skills

In geology druzy refers to a coating of sets of fine crystals that form on the surface of another stone. The overall appearance resembles sugar granules that glitter and catch the light. These stones have a rough crystalline appearance and resemble little meteors hence the name.

Materials: druzy quartz, silver plated beads, eagle eye, strong jewellers elastic. One size fits all.



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