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Grace & Coco Rocks

Statement baroque pearl hoop earrings

Statement baroque pearl hoop earrings

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These stunning statement large hoop earrings are finished with a beautiful large baroque pearl measuring approximately 21mm x 16mm in size (although sizes vary). Please note that the medium metallic rose gold earrings measure smaller than the other earrings in this collection, at approx 16mm x 12mm. 

Baroque pearls have an irregular non-spherical shape and  can range from oval to curved, some flatter than others. No two are the same so earrings are matched as closely as possible allowing for the naturally organic variations in the pearls. 

Pearls are thought to symbolise wisdom and are said to have the ability to calm, representing serenity, purity, integrity and loyalty.

Materials sterling silver 925, baroque pearls.

Hoop measures approximately 27mm in circumference. 

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