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Grace & Coco Rocks

Gemstone chandelier earrings

Gemstone chandelier earrings

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These delicate handmade earrings feature the most beautiful gemstones with sterling silver (925) chain and sterling silver earring hooks.  

Amethyst is thought to be a stone of tranquility, calm and groundedness. It is also the birthstone of February. 

Citrine is thought to provide a positive energy flow around the body which gives a boost of happiness. It is thought to aid digestion and improve stamina. 

Aquamarine is associated with courage, hope, kindness, loyalty and friendship. It evokes the sea with its cooling blue tones. It is said to reduce stress and aid sensitive people by clearing confusion and sharpening the brain. It is even said to protect the wearer during pregnancy. It is the birthstone of March.

Black Spinel is said to be a very protective stone that repels negativity and grounds the user.

Drop approx 50-55cms. Materials: sterling silver, gemstones. Perfect for any occasion or as a gift. 

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