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Cowrie shell pendant

Cowrie shell pendant

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These stunning pendants  feature beautiful real cowrie shells which are ethically sourced. Each of which is coated in either metallic blue, metallic silver or metallic rose gold. Matching anklet and earrings are available.

Cowrie shells have long been associated with womanhood and femininity due to their shape being reminiscent of the female form. In some cultures they are viewed as a gift from the ocean goddess and are worn to symbolize female empowerment, positivity, prosperity and good fortune.

Materials: Silver plated base metal, seed beads, silver plated wire. The chain is approximately 16 inches. Chains may very from that shown. 

Please note that cowrie shells being a natural sea  product may differ in size and shape as no two shells will ever be the same. Approximate size of cowrie shells are 18mm x8mm. 

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