Complete my heart necklaces - 2 necklaces
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Complete my heart necklaces - 2 necklaces

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These beautiful sterling silver hearts are separated into two pieces which fit together perfectly on separate necklaces to create one heart.  A truly meaningful and unique gift bought as one piece where the other half can be worn by a mother, daughter, partner, friend to show that you are always with each other.  

The hearts each come on an 18 inch sterling silver chain. 

Each half of the complete heart measures approximately 16mm length by 9mm width. The complete heart is approximately 18mm wide. 

The back of the hearts are hallmarked, the front of the hearts have plenty of space for engraving should you wish to arrange for this. Unfortunately we are not able to arrange engraving. 

The heart comes packaged as one complete heart so that on opening the recipient can see how your heart and their heart fits together before being worn separately. 

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