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Chrysoprase pear drop pendant

Chrysoprase pear drop pendant

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This  stunning faceted peardrop pendant is made of Chrysoprase. Chrysoprase with its stunning chocolate and lime bandings is a much sought after stone due to its vintage appeal reminiscent of the much loved 1970’s chocolate limes!

Chrysoprase is thought to be a stone of love and joy which is said to attract love into one’s life and to aid in being able to forgive oneself and others. It is thought to be a detoxifying stone aiding liver function as well as a gemstone that can aid creativity and attract financial abundance.

Matching earrings are available.

Approximate size of drop: 25mm x14mm.  
Sterling silver chain  length 18”. Please note that chains may vary from that shown.

Materials: jeweller’s wire, sterling silver chain and chrysoprase. 

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