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Aquamarine bracelets

Aquamarine bracelets

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Choose between three stunning designs using these beautiful aquamarine gemstones:-

•either 6mm round unfaceted stones set with one sterling silver bead;

•or 4-5mm faceted cubed gemstones set with silver plated beads and one silver plated accent bead set with cubic zirconia;

.or 4-5mm faceted cubed gemstones set with two silver plated beads, one gold plated bead and one rose gold plated bead; 

. or 8mm satellite cut gemstones with silver plated accent beads

These bracelets create stunning stretch bracelets that can be worn on its own or as a stack. 

Aquamarine is associated with courage, hope, kindness, loyalty and friendship. It evokes the sea with its cooling blue tones. It is said to reduce stress and aid sensitive people by clearing confusion and sharpening the brain. It is even said to protect the wearer during pregnancy. It is the birthstone of March.

The bracelet is made using strong jewellers elastic. These stretch bracelets come in one size to fit approximately 7 inches.

Materials:  aquamarine, sterling silver or silver (rose gold/gold) plated beads, strong jeweller’s elastic. 

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