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Crystal stress relievers/ pop sockets

Crystal stress relievers/ pop sockets

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These gemstone pop sockets are absolutely out of this world. Pop sockets have many uses.

They are a must have accessory for your mobile phone allowing you to securely hold your phone whilst in use. They are also used to stand your phone up to allow hands free use.

They also make wonderful stress relievers and can be placed on desks, dashboards or any flat surface to be touched and handled whenever you need to access the cool feel of a gemstone with its calming properties. Increasingly they are being used for exam fidget toys. 

Available in rose quartz labradorite and lapis lazuli these sizeable stones are both incredibly tactile and very calming due to the beautiful round shape and the cool temperature of the gemstones the weight of which are 85 carats approximately.

Simply peel off the backing sticker and affix, pressing hard. It is advisable to allow one hour after affixing to allow the glue to adhere fully.

Rose quartz is considered to be the must have gemstone to purify and open the heart to self love and to promote love and friendship deep inner healing and feelings of peace. It is calming and reassuring dispels negative energy and is thought to protect against environmental pollution. It is also said to keep the female reproductive system, including hormones, in good order.  

Labradorite has a beautiful schiller giving peacock blue, green and grey flashes of colour. It is thought that labradorite is one of the most powerful stones to possess as  it is said to put one in touch with ones inner power and strength and that once one taps into one’s limitless potential, there is no limit to what can be achieved. A hugely empowering stone.

Lapis lazuli is thought to boost the immune system, lower blood pressure, soothe inflammation and aid with insomnia. 

Materials: rose quartz, labradorite, lapis lazuli. 

Dimensions : 11 mm deep when pushed flat and 26mm deep when fully extended.  Diameter : 40mm 


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